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Yamamizu Ryu
Budo/Bujutsu Kai
Hombu Dojo

Rules Agreement

  1. ALL members must be current in yearly dues / training fees to claim membership, or to participate in regular classes.
    Membership expires December of each year. Failure to renew yearly membership fees results in LOSS of all ranks within our dojos.

    Students are encouraged to remember that once you pass a test no one can take away that achievement.You are just no longer an active participant in what you represent yourself to be.

    Also that membership to our organization is how we function so ranks will not be recognized if students leave without communications or are removed. Blackbelts that cease training for an excess of three months without communication with the dojo must retest for all rank requirements up to their current rank to return to training.

  2. No member shall engage in any activity that brings discredit upon themselves and / or any of the affiliates/sponsors or friends of YAMAMIZU RYU HOMBU or it's employee's.

  3. No member shall frequent places of ill-repute.

  4. No member shall display their techniques to a non-member.

  5. No member shall present a dirty or unkempt appearance in the dojo.

  6. No member shall engage in romantic endeavors within the dojo.

  7. All members shall treat YAMAMIZU RYU dan degrees / and all other officials with respect.

  8. No member shall use profane language within the dojo.

  9. No member shall use alcohol to the excess or engage in the use of illegal drugs.

  10. All members must pay their monthly training fees on time. Fees are paid before the end of month. Fees paid past due of the 30th of Month will be imposed a $5.00 surcharge per month. No Exceptions as of 1 Jan 1999

    Note: (Mat fee and tuition policies are at the dojo headmasters discretion and are between the headmaster and the student or family. Yearly membership and promotion fees are at Headquarters discretion)

  11. All members must wear the proper patches on their dogi's (uniforms).

  12. All members must be courteous and respectful towards fellow students.

  13. Dogi (uniform) must be in good repair at all times. Patches are to be machine-sewn on the gi.Or set with neat and appropriate Velcro for washing as done in Japan.We understand at the dojo some of the patches are very expensive and need to be taken care of.

  14. Toenails & Fingernails are to be short, clean and neatly trimmed in the dojo.

  15. Absolutely NO jewelry is to worn while engaged in martial arts training.

  16. Each member MUST display good hygiene at ALL times.

  17. Use the proper title for your instructor. When speaking directly use Sensei. When speaking about someone else use their title: Whatever the case may be. Honor the process of others period.
    Reiho is first and foremost.
    Ours is not to question other organizations process or politics. Junior students (under 18) are NEVER to address adults by their first names. Mr. or Mrs., Sir or Maam only.

  18. Do not leave the Joseki area , (training deck) , without The Instructors permission. Leaving the deck without permission is punished by no return to the deck for that 24 hour period of training minimum. After counsel with Sensei you 'may' be allowed to return. Students show respect through self control and perseverence in training. Bow when entering the dojo, wait to be invited on the deck if your late and bow, bow when stepping onto tatami (mats). Lateness is excused only when call to dojo or prior arrangements are made.

  19. When a black belt instructor enters or leaves the Joseki area in uniform for the first time the senior student stops the activity on deck and orders the students to attention. Always Bow to an instructor when speaking to them, or leaving the dojo. This is returned through respect. It is not an act of subservience. Everyone in the Ryu is required to do this.

  20. Strive to promote the true spirit of the Martial Arts by:
    • Character mental development (school work up to par. All junior students must have report cards on file).
    • Health: physical development ( Training & diet should be in a constant state of improvement).
    • Skill: proficiency in Martial Arts ( Always work towards getting better at your training skills ).
    • Respect: courtesy to others in AND out of the dojo. WE must respect ALL.
      ( Including your self-respect and dignity ).
    • Humility: be aware of your shortcomings and refrain from correcting other than yourself. ( Keep self focus , some progress faster than others. Bad mouthing will never be tolerated of any students or instructors. The world is filled with Martial Artists who have reasons why others ways are not right. We do not promote this slander) .

  21. Photo's taken at the Hombu dojo, student records , and any policy / procedure paperwork is strictly the property of the dojo and is not considered property of the student. Any materials received by the student are only for that individual students use. Any materials or information used and obtained by the student is at his or her personal risk
  22. Students that are inactive and do not communicate or train with the dojo for a period of more than three months are considered inactive and on probation. After six months those students records are pulled and considered no longer members of the dojo. This is common practice amongst martial arts organizations and not to be confused with being non-compassionate. The dojo does everything in it's power to keep communications open with students.

Yamamizu Ryu Bujutsu Kai Martial Arts

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