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We're glad you had chance to stop by and spend some time with us. Make yourself comfortable and feel free to explore our entire site. With our new layout in place, we will be focusing on adding content as quickly as possible. Keep your eye on the date above for site changes and enjoy your visit! is dedicated to the development of Martial Arts, Chinese Medicine, Herbology and Spiritual Self-development.

In addition this is the homepage for our School for Amma Therapy

Throughout this website we offer material pertaining to several traditional oriental martial arts as well maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the development of the body, the mind and the spirit.

Comments Welcome

Any and all comments about the page, links, additions, articles etc. are welcomed at our comments site (our bujinkan web board !) and will be reviewed as quickly as possible for html publication on this site with credit to the author. Please try to refrain from anything other than constructive criticism, and remember that we are developing a cyber source for honest and concise training materials that will be a benefit to all.


Any reference to technique in all shapes and forms is considered dangerous and should be viewed as information for study into other formats.

Any information derived from this web domain is strictly for informational use and is to be used by the reading individual at their own risk. We at can assume no responsibility for what is done with the knowledge.

Any ill one brings upon another is the sole responsibility of the individual that performs the deed. We at declare that we do not intend any disharmony to anything or anyone unless it is within the laws of the Tao.

We at wish to emphasize that nothing can take the place of personal guidance in Martial Arts training. Since you may be reading this anywhere on the globe, it is impossible for us (and it would be bad politics) for us to recommend a local dojo. Do your homework and use your judgement and hopefully you can find a dojo to suit your needs. Please check out our resource page for organizations who have chosen to be affiliated with our page.

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