Yamamizu Ryu School Staff
Updated Feb 2017

(Formerly Healing Arts Center Menomonie)

Rev. W.Kent Bergstrom, MSAcOM/MAT
Yamamizu Ryu Soke Shodai
  • Dean: Western & Eastern Sciences, Physical Arts & Amma Therapy®, Interfaith Philosophy
  • Instructor: All Western Eastern Sciences, Technique, Yamamizu Ryu and Bujinkan Budotaijutsu/Ninjutsu Martial Arts
  • Graduate: American Academy Of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Roseville MN - Masters Degree Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MSAcOM)
  • Graduate: New York College for Wholistic Heath, Education and Research,
  • Pharmacy Specialist Program U.S. Army, Baylor University,TX
  • Interfaith Minister : New Seminary New York City NY (Interfaith) Ordained St.Michaels The Divine NYC Jan 1999
  • Past Owner/Administrator Healing Arts Center Menomonie WI School for Amma Therapy and Massage Therapy.
  • Headfounder/Grandmaster of Yamamizu Ryu Martial Arts Systems (10th Dan Soke Shodai)
  • Past Member Zen Kokusai Soke Budo Bugei Renmei
  • Shidoshi Licensed, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Japan
  • Shihan/10th Dan Bujinkan Budotaijutsu/Ninjutsu Japan (2008)
  • Reiki Therapy: Masters Certification
  • Past Member: International Okinawan Martial Arts Union Okinawa/Japan
  • Master Therapist and Master Instructor : Amma Therapy ® (Lineage Proper)
  • Certified: Advanced AMMA Therapist ® with AMMA Therapy® Association ®, Recognized Master AMMA Therapist ® by Great Grand Master Tina Sohn, (Founder of AMMA Therapy ®)
  • National Commission for Credentials in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM),
  • Past State of Wisconsin Rep for American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia
  • Currently Licensed: Wisconsin Massage Therapist License #13155
  • Past New York State Massage Therapist License #006801
  • Past Member: Advisory Committee to Governor of Wisconsin
    for Massage and Bodywork / Gov.T Thompson

Shihan/Sokedai Xanthi Gerasimo 8th Dan

  • Chief Instructor: Menomonie Yamamizu Ryu Group
  • Mastor Instructor: Yamamizu Ryu Martial Arts Systems
    (8th Degree Black Belt All Divisions Shihan/Sokedai)
  • Graduate: University of Wisconsin Stout (Bachelors degree).
  • Captain U of WI Stout Womens Rugby

*Active 2018* Headquarters Instructors and Staff
List does not include 1st Dan assistant instructors

  • Xanthi Gerasimo: All Arts Master Instructor 8th Dan, 2018 Member YamaMizu Renmei
  • Joann Carlin: Tai Chi Gung Master Instructor 5th Black Sash, (Retired) Member YamaMizu Renmei
  • Gunther Melander Assistant Instructor 4th Dan, 2018 Member YamaMizu Renmei
  • "DJ" Capra: Assistant Instructor 3rd Dan, 2018 Member YamaMizu Renmei
  • Chris Hayden: Assistant Instructor 3rd Dan, 2018 Member YamaMizu Renmei
  • Katherine "K": Assistant Instructor 3rd Dan, 2018 Member YamaMizu Renmei