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What is Asian Bodywork Therapy?

What is Amma Therapy ®?
What is Asian Bodywork Therapy?
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How is it taught and what else is at the Healing Art Centers?

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What is the state of Wisconsins role in the law?

Is the Healing Arts Center School for Massage Therapy and Bodywork approved in Wisconsin?

What are the Wisconsin State Requirements of All graduates of our center?

How can I get more information?

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Is there any pictures from your center?

A large group of pictures from our gallery
Mr. Bergstrom with Amma Therapy® Grand Master Tina Sohn in 2001.
Amma Graduates and other pics (in progress)

Are there other similar centers in the World?

Amma Therapy® is taught by Grandmaster Tina Sohn in New York and at our school in Wisconsin. These are the only areas sanctioned by Mrs Sohn at this present time. AMMA Therapy® is a registered trademark and copyrighted modality. Centers and/or practitioners will have this symbol with their trademark.

How would I purchase Oriental Bodywork and other related Supplies?

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Where could I post comments on your site or ask direct questions about your center?

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