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Martial Arts

The term "Martial Arts" can be interpreted as a form of Combat art or Art of War. It involves hand to hand combat as well as weapons.The point of the varying types of "Bubishi" through the years was to place an emphasis on the more "secret" of the techniques. In today's day and age the term secret is just as elusive as the concept of whether there are any secrets or not. There have even been books titled "There are no secrets!".

With today's widely developing internet and libraries in addition to video tapes and mass marketing of clinics and classes , the world of Martial Arts has erupted into a frenzy of sports, politics, semantics, and a race to see who can reveal the most information about the "secrets".

Years ago an instructor of mine used to get furious if I had released too much information too fast. Although I tend to agree with this concept today it is not because of the same angle of thought as was told to me. I am not worried about people learning things and becoming potential enemies later ,(as was my past teachers comments), but to teach advanced technique so early as the student cannot use it then what is the use?

So is there secrets in Martial Arts? Or is there just more to learn and we haven't got there yet? You decide.

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