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Yamamizu Ryu Healing Center
Yamamizu Ryu Martial Arts

Directly below is events coming up.
Anyone who is interested in classes can contact us for training times and varied locations. Hombu classes are closed to the public and meeting areas vary.

For an overview of what generally makes up the training of our style go to Yamamizu Ryu
We allow mixed adult and kids if the kids can behave like adults. We are a traditional Martial Arts group. Not a commercial school.(No contracts - Kids and adults have same training requirements.)
We do not participate in "Sport" Karate
Sensei Bergstrom is certified and graded at the highest level of black belt in the region and has served the Chippewa Valley community for 21 years. He is licensed from Japan to teach.(his credentials are open to anyone for review)
He holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese medicine and is Master level recognized in AMMA Therapy. A style of Far Eastern medical massage therapy. This style was taught by him at the Healing Arts Center, the school he owned, in Menomonie for 12 years in the past to train people for licence in Massage therapy in the state of WI.

Classes and training meetups are designed for learning.
Further below you can find out more about us.


Healing Arts Studies


Classes available by Bergstrom Sensei:

Call for information on times and meeting places and prices.

Contact Instructor for more event info
or contact Sensei Bergstrom directly
(715)317-0172 **Leave Message**
Active members can call their Sensei and Yudansha contact Soke directly.


Menomonie WI area Amma Therapy / Asian Bodywork Therapy Available for appointments
Location:Helios Center -link
Times for AMMA Therapy Bodywork, Massage and Electroherbalism:
By appointment only,
Call 715-317-0172 for an appointment


Twin Cities area Amma Therapy / Asian Bodywork Therapy Classes for Amma Therapy will be available soon in 2020 Minneapolis MN. This class is designed for all levels that have had some experience or none at all. This will run four to six hours. This class is more designed for Acupuncturists and Bodyworkers with experience but beginners are welcome. Cost is $90. All are welcome. Due to limited space in the location it is recommended that you pre register.
Location: To be announced
Contact Instructor for the event: (715)317-0172 *Leave Message*


Twin Cities area Reiki Check back for schedules on trainings


Student Clinic Massage firefox There will be no more student clinic massage opportunities available anymore.

All of

Shifting Class Locations
Please contact by email
firefox Class location will vary according to theme and information in class. Students are required to keep in contact with main dojo office to find out where classes are held.
**yamamizuryu@gmail.com** to contact Sensei Bergstrom

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About Our School

firefox The Healing Arts Center was founded in Menomonie Wisconsin in 1995.
There are classes offered in Massage Therapy, Asian Bodywork Therapy (Amma), and other specialized events as they are provided on occasions.
Our current Massage course is only taking possible applicants for the future, but this is only considering possible future activities. As of Jan 1 2009, the massage therapy school is on inactive status for 2009. The current students are finished with the course, and continuing education and course offerings are still available. (As of July 2008)
Martial Arts classes are provided on a regular basis with the primary focus of non sport traditional karate, tai chi, and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu). The chief instuctor, has been licensed from Japan to teach these arts in the USA under sanction from organizations in Japan. Currently Sensei Bergstrom is titled and sanctioned "Shidoshi" from Bujinkan Budotaijutsu and Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi from Japan and he continues to train in Japan under this organization. On 14Oct08 while in Japan Sensei Bergstrom was reviewed and promoted by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.
More on Rev.W.Kent Bergstrom and his bio here:

Some of our services available

firefox There are services available at the center by appointment. Massage Therapy and AMMA Therapy treatments by graduate or Master therapists of varying experience.
Consultations for herbal formula treatments based in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine are available. Acupuncture on a limited basis so you need to call the center for details.

Types of classes available in healing modalities

firefox We offer many classes in the Massage Therapy curriculum. Some of which include Swedish massage,Amma Therapy,and Reiki.
Many classes that would normally be in a classic lecture environment have been taught online. Applications and treatment patterns of modalities such as Moxibustion, Cupping, Guasha are also available for groups with a certification of study granted so individuals can submit for CEU's of proof of training to add to their already licensed modality.

Types of classes available in Martial Arts


  • Bujinakan Budotaijutsu (Ninjutsu)
  • Karatejutsu (Okinawan Shorin Ryu)
  • Tai Chi (Sohn Style Taichikung)
  • Qigong/Kijutsu
  • Kobujutsu (Weapons)
  • Advanced Black Belt training

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