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Conception Vessel 1 ( CV-1 )

Hui Yin ( Meeting of Yin )

Sun Si-miao Ghost Point ( 11th of thirteen )


It is between the anus and the scrotum in males and between the anus and the posterior labial commissure in females. It is at the center of the perineum.

Classical Location

Midway between the genitals and the anus or between the anterior and posterior Yin. ( The Great Compendium )

Local Anatomy

The branches of the perineal artery and vein. The branch of the perineal nerve.


Strengthens the lumbus and boosts the kidney; regulates the penetrating and conception vessels or anterior and posterior yin; drains damp heat, calms the spirit, promotes resuscitation and revives from drowning.


Genital itch; irregular menstruation; pain and swelling of the anus; difficult urination and defecation; prolapse of the rectum; urinary stoppage; enuresis; seminal emission; mania and withdrawal. Shan disorder.

Supplementary Indications

Genital sweating; pain at the head of the penis; postpartum stupor; vaginal protrusion; pain and swelling of the vagina; enduring hemorrhoids; inability to urinate and defecate; cold at the end of the penis; heat in the portals; sudden infantile epilepsy; shan qi; connecting vessel repletion: abdominal skin pain; connecting vessel vacuity; itch.


0.5-1.0" perpendicular insertion.


3 cones; pole 10-20 min.

Point Categories & Associations

Intersection-jiaohui point of the conception, governing, and penetrating vessels.


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